10 May 2011

Painting Soviet Naval Infantry (III)

Stage Three: after painting the bitmap patterns it is a case of painting the flesh (Elf Flesh) and equipment using a mix of Citadel and Vallejo. The webbing was painted in Bestial Brown with the bayonet scabbard and brown on the weapons in the slighter more tan Vermin Brown. Pouches were painted (70886) Green Green and the tropical hats (70882) Middlestone with a dash of white. The jerseys were just painted white, I didn't try adding blue lines as the area is too small. The black on the weapons, boots and berets was a dark grey mixed up specifically.

Once they've dried overnight they'll be ready for dipping. I didn't bother adding details like badges as it is likely it would be obscured by the dip and so this will be done last of all.

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