22 August 2012

Soviet Armour: T72 M1

The Whirarwistan campaign has unfortunately temporarily stalled due to my suffering from wargamers "ooh shiney" disease, but in the process of painting some phalanxes of Greek hoplites my eyes alighted on an Altaya (aka Amercom aka Deagostini) T72 M1 pre-painted I picked up last year. I must confess I didn't like it when it arrived, it looked plasticy and the sand and black camo was horrid.

However, it got to the point yesterday that I was so sick of looking at the sand and black camo that whilst some shields were drying I decided to slap a bit of green over the black using Vallejo (70924) Russian Uniform WWII. This looked quite good, so I then applied a wash of GW Devlan Mud wash and et voila!

A final drybrush of sand over the tracks and bogies was all that was needed to finish the beast off and I must say I am really pleased with the end result and feel a bit more inspired to revisit Whirarwistan. Now where are the BTR's?