1 May 2011

Into the 'Stan

I did try and resist the release of the 2nd edition of Ambush Alley's Force on Force, but a 43% discount on Amazon proved irresistible and the rule book itself inspiring, chock full of photos and full colour artwork. A quick rummage in the attic led to the (re)discovery of a number of boxes of Esci modern US and Soviet infantry purchased in the eighties which are ideal for some small games, all I needed was a setting...

Whilst the US troops would work for temperate or desert environments with a suitable paint job, the Soviets are clearly in tropical kit so that dictated the need for a non-European setting. With the figures being in Eighties kit and the Russians at that time embroiled in Afghanistan I decided to go with a Harold Coyle style 'first clash' in the fictional country of Whirarwistan (found on the borders of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan).

This blog will detail the raising of my US and Soviet forces for Whirarwistan, scenery for some games and hopefully some Force on Force AAR when I can get it all on the table...

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