2 May 2011

US Mechanized Infantry Platoon (Bradley)

US Military TO&E's are a moving feast and consequently it can be quite hard to get something that is accurate for the late eighties/early nineties as it has been superseded by new organisations reflecting the experiences of the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fortunately I discovered a link to the US Field Manual 7-7J Mechanized Infantry Platoon and Squad issued in May 1993 (this replaces the February 1986 version which I haven't tracked down yet).

A comprehensive document it does detail the organisation of a Mechanized Infantry Platoon and what each infantryman carries/does although it is somewhat unclear as to the composition of the nine man dismount section (this is a lot clearer in the 2002 chart shown below).

The amount of M249's required means that I've had to purchase a box of the Revell Modern US Infantry to go with my Esci boxes as the latter doesn't contain any M249's, whereas Revell include a respectable ten.