20 May 2011

Painting US Mechanized Infantry (I)

Stage One: following on from the success of the Soviets I decided to use the dip on the Americans (a mix of Esci and Revell). The first stage after a white undercoat was an overall covering of Vallejo (70819) Iraquian Sand. This is a little brighter than the desert tan DBDU but the dip will help tone it down but still have some contrast.

Given the Second Gulf War it proved quite hard to Google images of soldiers from the first war in any quantity to check uniform details, fortunately I had picked up two Europa Militaria books, Operation Desert Shield: The First 90 Days and Victory in the Gulf, on the war that are copiously illustrated with colour photos of all armies, especially the Americans. Both proved very useful and have me pondering introducing French and British allied NATO support into Whirarwistan one day.

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