10 May 2011

Painting Soviet Naval Infantry (I)

I've decided that to speed the painting process up I'm going to dip the miniatures, rather than work up from a black undercoat. Whilst I'm happy with the results I've had dipping WWI troops and Ancient Celts this will be the first time I've dipped camo'd troops, consequently I thought it worth detailing the process of painting the Esci Soviet Paras.

Stage One: after undercoating white I painted the figures overall in Vallejo (70890) Reflective Green. I added a bit of white to the mix as the diping process will darken the figure down a shade or two. I completely cover the miniatures just in case I miss a bit latter and because acrylic paint 'shrinks' onto the miniature which with plastics helps stop any flaking problems which bedeviled enamels...

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